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Corporate partners
Our corporate partners work hand-in-hand with us to provide decent, clothes, blankets, and healthy food for the homeless and much needed assistance as well as many wonderful gifts for families in need around the world.

  • How to become a The Gift of Love  corporate partner
  • Corporate partnerships .

​Community partnerships

Community organizations of all sizes can partner with The Gift of Love in a variety of ways.

  • How to become The Gift of Love community partner
  • Community partnerships 

Faith partners
Churches support our ministry in a number of ways, from volunteering to praying for our mission.

  • Faith engagement opportunities


Private philanthropy partners
Individuals can have a unique, transformation impact on The Gift of Love’s mission through the donation of lead gifts.

  • How to make a lead gift to The Gift of Love
  • Private philanthropy partners 

Cause marketing partners
Thanks to special promotions with our partners and sponsors, we are able to help more families in need.

  • How to become a cause marketing partner


Media and entertainment partners
Caring people from the media and entertainment industry are lifting their voices to help The Gift of Love restore hope.

  • Media and entertainment partnerships


Partners in the mission
The Gift of Love invites you to join us as we work in partnership with people in need everywhere, helping them to Live a better life.

Featured partnerships
All of our partners are vital to our mission, and we are grateful to each one for their unique contributions. Learn more about our featured partnerships.