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Santa arrived in a new SLED!

In 2014 Kevin own words about being Blessed Christmas 2008

During my life I had a few Christmases where Santa didn’t leave gifts under the Christmas tree. This was an unbelievably sad time for me because other Christmases I felt the joy of waking up Christmas morning and being surprised by the gifts I had received. There are many families who cannot afford to allow their children to wake up with that same feeling you and I know to be one of the best ever. Can you remember your best Christmas? I can, and oddly enough that Christmas didn’t come as a child but as a parent on the receiving end of the Blessing that is the Christmas Blessing program. I could not afford to buy gifts for my family because I had loss my job and I felt less than because of this. We were invited to the program and all of my children’s wishes came true and it brought me to tears because I knew at that moment that the spirit of God was real and he had just blessed me. Now I am in a position where I can help to do the same thing that TGOL did for me to others and I urge you to become a part of this program. It is truly awesome.

Thanks to you and The Gift of Love for being the difference we need in the world. Much success!

                                         Judy Miller-Hargrett

"Empowering people by meeting their social and economic needs by helping them with everyday challenges."

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